Intel also took the time to announce that its second Intel has reportedly delayed the launch of its Cannon Lake laptop processors until the end of 2018, putting the CPU architecture a full 18 months behind its original target of mid-2017. The source Intel's First Cannon Lake 10nm Core Processor Leaks With Dual Cores And Gen 10 GPU It seems like we have been waiting for Intel to release its Cannon Lake lineup for a hundred years now (slight There have already been plenty of leaks confirming the existence of Z390, but the new document states that the chipset will also support Cannon Lake processors. Late on Thursday Intel Whiskey Lake (WHL) is a microarchitecture designed by Intel as a successor to Kaby Lake for ultra-low power mobile devices, launched concurrently with Coffee Lake and Amber Lake. Coffee Lake articles on MacRumors. 10nm, 10nm+, 10nm++ Cannon Lake chips; Intel will probably release variants of its Cannon Lake chips, in the same fashion as the 14nm process. It seems that Intel is pumping out three different variations of the Intel NUC during the year 2018. Coffee Lake is set to use the existing Intel socket, but Asrock social media has confirmed that eight-gen Core CPUs won't run on existing motherboards - you'll need to buy a new one. Take a  Apr 29, 2019 Secondly, it will also brand Intel Ice Lake processors with the 10th Gen Outlined in the Linux entry as “based off of Cannon Point”, this PCH  Existing CPUs by both Intel and AMD offer really good performance. 5 GHz The first image below: Intel Core i5-8265U versus Ice Lake, both with  Jul 16, 2015 As transistors shrink, manufacturing complexities increase. Code names are very specific at Intel. So, let's pit Intel Kaby Lake vs Skylake and find out how it fares. These chips are primarily targeted towards 2-in-1s detachable, tablets, and computer sticks. This is something we have already seen a lot of Intel CEO Brian Krzanich indicated on the company's July 27 earnings call that the Cannon Lake chips will quality for production by the end of the year, and that investors and customers alike Report: Intel Corporation's 10-Nanometer Cannon Lake Could Come in the Second Half of 2018 A report suggests that Intel's first 10-nanometer chips will arrive nearly half a product cycle late. Allegedly called Comet Lake, one of the chips will supposedly feature 10 cores and use a dual, rather than single, ring-bus interconnect. Intel is once again delaying the release of its next-generation 10nm Cannon Lake processors, with mass production on the chips now expected for 2019 instead of the end of 2018 as originally With Intel confirming their8th Gen Core processors, code-named Coffee Lake, will be arriving before the end of the year at this year’s Computex show, it’s about time some other engineering Historically, the patents follow the products. But Coffee Lake and Cannon Lake are likely to have different bumps in performance, changes in battery efficiency and heat. Cannon Lake is the "Process" microarchitecture as part of Intel's PAO model. Intel has finally begun shipping a 10nm processor, though this first Cannon Lake Core i3 is a tidbit ahead of what will be the main event next year. Learn more Intel Core i9-9900K: 9th generation Core CPU pricing, specs, and Intel® Core™ i7-8700K Processor (12M Cache, up to 4. The i5-7600k (overclockable) is $239. Intel was expected to skip this codename as it was […] So you just picked up that six-core Core i7 8086K? Well, Intel will release their 8-core mainstream part in the Fall, the processor will be based on Coffee Lake, meaning a new SKU with two more cores. During its earnings call last quarter, former CEO Brian Krzanich For those keeping track, Cannon Lake was originally scheduled to be released in 2016, but Intel was forced to delay its chips. The new chips, which will still be part of the 8th generation, are expected to go in full production by H1 However, it seems Chrome OS will not be supporting the upcoming next-generation of Intel Core processors, Ice Lake. reddit. As of late August 2017 Intel announced the first quad-core eight-thread platform designed for ultra-portable computers. Weren't those in reference to Cannonlake? Technically, Intel shipped a single, solitary 10nm Cannon Lake processor mid last year, but good luck finding one outside a specific Intel NUC  Oct 16, 2018 Note that Ice Lake has doubled L2 cache and 50% more L1D. The implication here is  Jan 8, 2019 With Ice Lake and Sunny Cove, Intel moves away from their old naming . Rumor has it that next month the company will unveil its 9th generation  There was a Ryzen 5 3600 review posted on reddit, it's using an x470 Unless AMD/Intel screw up on next gen nm chip (Cannon Lake 10 nm  forum where members can ask and answer questions about Intel products. Intel keeps denying that Cannon Lake is canceled, but with Ice Lake appearing in the very release Let’s now compare Intel Skylake vs Intel Cannonlake Processors. Don’t be caught in the dark. As a die shrink, Cannon Lake is a new   4 days ago They are, however, the first such to be made available to the masses considering last year's Cannon Lake processors were in limited supply. Drivers: Windows 10, 64-bit* 26. . Rumor: Turbo Boost could come to Cannon Lake Core i3s by Wayne Manion — 3:26 PM on January 29, 2018. Intel will need to break its regular product update cycle to go from 14nm to 10nm. 1. 6. The eighth-generation Core i5 and Core i7 chips are up to 40 percent faster than the equivalent seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors, according to Intel, based on the benchmark tool SYSmark Even so, it is unlikely for MacBooks to use Cannon Lake chips for some time, as an Intel quarterly earnings report from April noted it will not move to high volume manufacturing of chips using the Intel box art confirms Coffee Lake CPUs will require a new motherboard By Paul Lilly 2017-08-21T16:16:49. Intel's 9th Generation Core i7-9700K has been spotted running at overclock 7GHz The Intel Core i7 9700K is a weird Coffee Lake processor, but that doesn't . It is based on the third round of optimization of Intel’s 14nm Coffee Lake architecture, which in this iteration, yields more cores. Last year, Intel ran into a variety of issues with producing their Cannon Lake Intel’s first 10nm chips are on the way, and while they’ll still be positioned as part of Intel’s 8th-gen Core processor family, they’ll be based on the company’s new “Cannon Lake A NUC-lear family of systems — Intel’s 10nm Cannon Lake chip gets another outing in new NUC mini PC Wider availability of the 10nm part suggests yields may be creeping upward. Bean Canyon NUC Gaming Comparison Edit: The i7 also includes a slightly faster GPU clock speed over the i5 from 1. 05Ghz to 1. But, at least Intel is sticking to a 2019 release date for its 10nm Ice Lake chips for laptops. com. The Ice Lake processor family is the next generation Intel® Core™ processor family. These processors utilize Intel’s industry-leading 10 nm+ process technology. Icelake looks like a Cannonlake repeat. Sep 3, 2018 Intel pushed the production of 10nm Cannon Lake processors to 2019. com/intel-says-10nm-cannon-lake-shipments-still-on-track-as like, more realistic: https://www. 77 direct render: Yes Audio: Device-1: Intel Cannon Lake PCH cAVS vendor: https://www. The same leaks also point towards a yearly advancement in process technology (akin to Intel's current 14 nm+ and 14 nm++ production processes), with 10 It is based on the third round of optimization of Intel’s 14nm Coffee Lake architecture, which in this iteration, yields more cores. There won't be Cannon Lake in 2018 due to Intel still struggling with its 10nm process. If stacked chips weren't coming from Intel, then they'd have announced some other product instead of Cannonlake. https:// www. 232Z A sneak peek at Intel's 8th generation Core desktop processors. Now, thanks to release notes for a version of Intel’s Rapid Storage Technology, we have confirmation of its existence. With Kaby Lake X, Intel’s X-Series i5-7640X starts at $242. While there is little that we know about these processors Intel hasn’t been doing very well with their next-gen CPUs as they had to delay their 10nm CPUs multiple times and they are rumored to have canceled Cannon Lake so, the only 10nm Intel CPU is going to be Ice Lake. A leaked Intel roadmap reveals that its "Cannon Lake" processors are scheduled to arrive this time next year, and eventually joined by "Coffee Lake" CPUs. So many Intel slides leak in Asia, and a new one has surfaced indicating that Ice Lake for mainstream processors has been delayed towards 2020. Intel has reportedly rescheduled the releases for some of its next-generation Cannon Lake-based processors, mostly ones with an integrated GPU, to the end of 2018, which has already affected Intel is poised to release its 8th Gen Coffee Lake processors on October 5, which means it’s just about time to start asking if you should get yourself a cuppa the company’s latest CPUs or if New leak may have exposed details of Intel’s Coffee Lake and Cannon Lake processors It’s expected that Cannon Lake will be the first family of Intel chips to be manufactured on a 10nm Intel’s much-anticipated “Cannon Lake” processors have been delayed, with the chip-maker confirming that its next-generation CPUs now won’t be hitting volume production this year. Cannon Lake (CNL) (formerly Skymont) is a planned microarchitecture by Intel as a successor to Kaby Lake. This is a retort to AMD’s 8 core 16 thread Ryzen 7 processors that launched in Q2 2018, to fill the gap before Intel releases it’s 10nm Cannon Lake based CPUs in, perhaps, late 2019. to Intel they launched 10nm in Q2 2018 with Cannon Lake for mobile  Jul 30, 2018 Despite many hoping for an earlier launch, Intel's 10nm Cannon Lake processors have been delayed once again, this time aiming for a late  Cannon Lake (formerly Skymont) is Intel's codename for the 10-nanometer die shrink of the Kaby Lake microarchitecture. Thanks to Bgrngod on reddit for pointing it out. This chip is a 6 core and 12 thread chip for the Intel ‘launched’ Ice Lake/Sunny Cove last week and in one fell swoop proved just about everything SemiAccurate was saying for the past few years. As a die shrink, Cannon Lake is a new process in Intel's "Process-Architecture-Optimization" execution plan as the next step in semiconductor fabrication. Hear directly from Gregory Bryant, senior vice president of the Client Computing Group at Intel, and others about the details on the latest processor family and what it can help you do. Intel today introduced a range of new eighth-generation Core processors [PDF] appropriate for future MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac models. I think Tiger Lake-Y/U is coming in June or July 2020 at the earliest and will replace Ice Lake-Y/U on roughly an annual cadence, as Intel is so fond of doing. After finally releasing the 7th generation, or Kaby Lake, Core processors unto the world late last year, the Santa Clara chipmaker reveals that its latest 8th generation Coffee Lake chips (release: August 2017) would harbour performance 15-30% better than their predecessors. It also unveiled two configured, Windows 10 equipped NUCs that tap its 10nm “Canyon Lake” chips. Cannon Lake is expected to be fabricated using a 10 nm process and is set to be introduced in the second half of 2018. Amazing Performance and Responsiveness. Unlike Intel’s current Coffee Cannon Lake (formerly Skymont) is Intel's codename for the 10-nanometer die shrink of the Kaby Lake microarchitecture. 321) Software In this article, I want to talk about the ultimate PC build for photography and other needs, and discuss my personal preferences for working with Lightroom catalogs and RAW files in terms of file management and performance optimization. Intel’s upcoming Cannonlake chips will deliver a performance improvement of more than 15 percent compared to its Kaby Lake chips, said Venkata Renduchintala, president of the Intel Client and Internet of Things businesses and Systems Architecture Group. Amber Lake Y (AML-Y) is the name of the core for Intel's extremly-low power line of processors based on the Amber Lake microarchitecture serving as a successor to Kaby Lake Y core. 10 DCH Drivers [6th, 7th, 8th, 9th generation, Apollo Lake, Gemini Lake, … May 30, 2019 As for Geekbench, somebody on reddit ran a 6700K locked to 3. 20. Kaby Lake (7th) generation parts are being sold as eighth-generation, as is Coffee Lake and presumably the first iteration of Cannon There have been rumors that a Z390 chipset was on its way for some time. Hey there, I'm really confused I was just about to buy Coffee Lake for my PC but was told to wait for Cannon Lake that has been constantly According to the screenshot, the Dynamic Platform & Thermal device is choose- your-own-Lake. Wccftech has spotted a rumor on a Taiwanese forum claiming Intel will up the core count of their mainstream processors again with its next CPU family, which is being built on the 14nm process node. RT @GamersNexus: Speaking with David Kanter about how RDNA is actually different from GCN with the AMD Navi GPUs, including an explanation… about 1 month ago Intel's 8th Gen Core Branding Will Confuse the Masses. Based on the 10nm process technology, this new family of CPUs will launch in two variants initially, the Y and U-series chips, both featuring two core modules and GT2 graphics. Recently This download installs the Intel® Graphics Driver for 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th generation, Apollo Lake, Gemini Lake, Amber Lake, and Whiskey Lake. Cannon Lake. Told you, again: Lets For those keeping track, Cannon Lake was originally scheduled to be released in 2016, but Intel was forced to delay its chips. First Intel Cannon Lake Chromebook may be a Detachable. Expect to get 10nm, 10nm+ and 10nm++ chips, each variant more powerful than the last. Learn how the 8th Gen Intel Core processor family will offer blazing fast performance. Intel has just announced its new 7th Gen Kaby Lake processors. But they didn’t stop digging there, going on to overshadow everything good about this core while playing up their 10nm woes. 20Ghz. A report by CNX Software included the roadmap that includes the following three NUC families: June Canyon, Celeron and Pentium NUCs based on Gemini Lake – around New Year; Hades Canyon, Skull Canyon replacement based on Kaby Lake-H – around At this time, it's too early to identify the exact technical specifications of the Coffee Lake chips but according to MSPowerUser, four variants are expected to arrive: Coffee Lake-U, Coffee Lake-X, Coffee Lake-S and Coffee Lake-H. 18/02/12更新: Intel于2月8日发布了新版微码发布的计划表 证实了Cannon Lake-U 2+2和2+0的存在,和之前的测试信息一致。 Cannon Lake-U 2+0为2C/4T,最高频率2. May 8, 2019 Subreddit for Intel related news and discussions. But signs mostly point to Coffee:  Apr 24, 2019 Subreddit for Intel related news and discussions. It’s not clear what parts will be included in the Cannon INTEL'S forever-delayed 10nm Cannon Lake processors are - you guessed it - being pushed back yet again. on using 8C/16T i7s, 6C/12T i5s and 4C/8T i3s with HT for Cannonlake in 2018. 6912 Latest: 6/19/2019: Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU) This download installs the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU). Intel revealed a number of preliminary details about its 8th generation Core processors. As for the next-gen Intel CPUs, a roadmap leaked earlier reveals that Cannonlake would be available in late 2017. We already had rumors about it, but now it’s sort of confirmed by Intel: Comet Lake is the refresh of the refresh of Coffee Lake whose architecture is based on the four-year-old Skylake. The CPUs in this line are sold as 8th generation processors, although in reality they are an update of the 7th generation hardware line and are called Kaby Lake-R (efresh Intel Atom is the brand name for a line of IA-32 and x86-64 instruction set ultra-low-voltage microprocessors by Intel Corporation. There is also speculation that the eight-generation Intel Core CPU family may include Cannon Lake-badged chips which are said to be the 10 nm versions of Kaby Lake and will be used for Y-series Core M devices. They don't let one code name take the form of anything. Intel Coffee Lake 8th Generation Mobility SKUs. During its earnings call last quarter, former CEO Brian Krzanich Related First Look at Intel’s 10nm Cannon Lake CPU Die. Looks like Intel is finally addressing AMD’s Ryzen mainstream desktop processor threat with eight-core processors of its own later this year. UPDATE: Some slides have surfaced today on Reddit that actually place Intel's updated 10 nm roadmap as starting initial risk production in 2Q 2018. Ben Jones / 2 years ago. These 8 th gen processors are due for release in 2018, and consist of a 10nm die shrink of the Coffee Lake architecture. At CES 2019, Intel demonstrated a variety of ODM machines and even a laptop from Dell with its new Ice Lake 10nm processors inside. com/r/Amd/comments/57r44i/  Dec 19, 2018 Intel talks about Sunny Cove and promises new CPUs for 2019. Before we begin, you should check out: Intel 7th Generation Kaby Lake vs 6th Generation Skylake. They are touted to come in dual-core, 4+2 and 6+2 chip configurations with Intel's GT2 integrated graphics processors. Intel is finally delivering 10nm processors inside laptops and PCs. In other words, either Intel is targeting entry-level systems with its first 10nm chips, or we may have to wait a little while to see what Core i5 and Core i7 Cannon Lake processors are on the Technically Coffee Lake should be Intel's 8th Generation of Core microarchitectures, but in the same breath Kaby Lake Refresh is a new mobile quad-core with different power circuitry and binning Intel Prepares Cannonlake i7-9700K 8C/16T CPU for 2H 2018. 5. What to expect from Intel’s 10nm Cannon Lake chips. The Z390 chipset h is going to host the new mainstream SKUs. Even though Intel‘s 8th generation Coffee Lake processors just recently launched, This article serves as a continuously updated summary of currently known leaks and official announcements regarding upcoming hardware releases in 2019 and beyond. Cannon Lake (formerly Skymont) is Intel's codename for the 10-nanometer die shrink of the Kaby Lake microarchitecture. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. We cover and keep track of developments for AMD Zen 2, AMD Navi, Ice Lake, Intel's own GPU, chipsets, memory and more. This time, the chipmaker has said they won't see a mass release until the second half of Intel has historically gone big at the annual CES showcase in Las Vegas, so expect to learn more about the Cannon Lake and Ice Lake roadmap then– we’ll be covering all the action live from the Intel responded by releasing the new Sky Lake-X series with 4, 6, 8, and 10-core processors to battle the Ryzen; however, the alluring price and performance combination of Ryzen CPUs was unmatched. Just a few days after we spotted a Lenovo  May 28, 2019 Intel's new “Ice Lake” processors are the first 10nm chips the company the case with Intel's first 10nm chips, the Cannon Lake processors that  Dec 12, 2018 In mid-2018, Intel limped out a wimpy dual-CPU 10nm Core i3 processor, aimed at low-power Chinese laptops, and codenamed Cannon Lake,  Feb 20, 2018 During our coverage of Meltdown and Spectre, we noticed that Intel accidentally leaked details of their 10nm Cannon Lake processors. 70 GHz) quick reference guide including specifications, features, pricing, compatibility, design documentation, ordering codes, spec codes and more. The other primary source for this rumor is DigiTimes, which states Intel has pushed Cannon Lake back to the end of 2018, and that this has so angered OEMs, some of them may skip it altogether, in Intel has just made its upcoming Cannon Lake CPU architecture official, with its 9th-gen Core processor on track and made on the 10nm process. Intel has confirmed the existence of Z390 PCH The Z390 and the rest of 300-series chipsets will support Coffee Lake (CFL) and Cannon Lake (CNL) CPUs, according to Intel document. RWT on Twitter. It’s been pretty quiet on the Chromebook front lately, but that doesn’t mean developments aren’t happening behind the scenes. The chip-maker has been struggling to meet its “The 10nm Cannon Lake parts aren’t real and never will be viable, financially or technically speaking. They’ll both On the other hand, Microsoft may take the middle ground and release an entry-level Surface Pro 5 with Kaby Lake in April, and offer a more premium device with Cannon Lake at a later time, possibly At the company's second quarter 2018 financial results conference call, Intel chief engineering officer Venkata Renduchintala said the "Cannon Lake" 10mn processors won't appear in products until the 2019 holiday season. (6. . Intel recently held an Written by Leo Waldock · submit to reddit 10 has been scrapped along with the Cannon Lake family of CPUs. Intel has launched five, barebones “Bean Canyon” NUC mini-PC kits equipped with 14nm, 8th Gen “Coffee Lake” CPUs starting at $299. Earlier this year Intel confirmed that it would delay mass production of 10nm CPUs to 2019 due to issues with yields, but did not elaborate on when in 2019 that would be. Intel’s 8th Generation Coffee Lake processors, however, were one of Intel’s biggest leaps in terms of subsequent CPU upgrade. Among all of the market segmentation methods Intel has used to separate Core i3, i5, and i7 What is Kaby Lake? Kaby Lake is the 7th generation line of consumer CPUs for the mainstream platform. AMD Zen 2 is going to be the worlds first 7nm CPU and it blows the competition out of the water. Moving on to the mobility parts, we have three new SKUs which start off with the Core i7-8850H. The enthusiast platform can feature more connectivity (such as PCIE lanes and quad channel memory controller as opposed to dual channel) and more cores, but the best single-threaded performance remains at the mainstream platform. Furthermore, the Crimson Canyon NUC contains Intel’s first 10 nm process CPU, the Cannon Lake i3-8121U. com/r/pcgamingtechsu . Based on the 2600's leaks, you can't really go wrong with either CPU. Intel said that its Does anyone know if Intel going keep the rising the numbers by thousand? Like Intel Intel i5 7400 (Kaby Lake) > the next CPU Products would be Cannon Lake would be Intel i5 8400? But now, with its 8th gen hardware, Intel is shaking this up. 0 NVIDIA 390. Cannon lake and 10 nm was assured by intel over the last year or so and the above article says it will be a 14 nm chip with yet another boost. Intel is  Excluding Cannon Lake, it's Intel's first CPU that supports LP-DDR4, and . The new Shrinking chips is hard – Intel forced to delay their 10nm Cannon Lake CPUs again given Intel’s CEO was waving a Cannon Lake-powered notebook around on stage at CES in January we kinda Intel's 10nm 'Cannon Lake' chips could land as soon as 2017-end, albeit in small volumes. 100. Contents 1 Codenames The Intel Atom® processor E3900 series, Intel® Celeron® processor N3350, and Intel® Pentium® processor N4200 platform, formerly Apollo Lake, empowers real-time computing in digital surveillance, new in-vehicle experiences, advancements in industrial and office automation, new solutions for retail and medical, and more. 2GHz,无核显, 15W TDP Intel debuted a Stratix 10 TX FPGA with 58Gbps transceivers while the industry kicked the tires of major new SoCs like the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and anticipated Arm’s Project Trillium AI chips and Intel’s 10nm Cannon Lake and Ice Lake. Intel’s driver support for Linux has recently been updated to include entries for Comet Lake. pcgamer. Intel Cannonlake and Coffee Lake CPUs Only a Year Away. May 16, 2018 Intel's first 10nm chips based on the company's new Cannon Lake architecture are on the way. It seems 10nm will be the first large IPC jump for Intel in a long time. Even though Intel has done just a few minor changes in the Kaby Lake series over Skylake, Kaby Lake might be worth spending some extra cash. Feb 23, 2019 4. Intel Coffee Lake-S CPUs will be the 8th generation of mainstream processors that will be hitting the market sometime later this year. The recently concluded Mobile PC Gamer is supported by its audience. Intel Core 7-8700K (Left) And Core i5-8400 (Right) The Coffee Lake-based 8th Generation Core processors use the same LGA1151 socket as the 7th Generation, but they are not interchangeable. This is Netburst vs Athlon 64 all over again. and providing a tiny bit more power efficiency. More on Z390 and CNL PCH. Currently, the lowest priced consumer i5 Kaby Lake one would consider for gaming is the i5-7400 running $189. Upcoming z390 board will come with new features and a possible release of 8core cpus based on Coffe Lake in second half of 2018. by the time AMD makes a zen 2 laptop chip, ice lake will be old and  Jun 13, 2019 RumorIntel 10nm Ice Lake Desktop CPUs Further Delayed, Server Cannon Lake (broken 10nm node, not suitable for mass production) -  The comments were especially critical about Intel's 9th generation desktop CPU's and were Cannon Lake was their first 10nm CPU line up. The document also revealed Cannon Lake and Coffee Lake series (HEDT) designed for X399 chipset. As for returning the 8600, that's your call to make. What we'll be getting later this year is Coffee Lake Refresh still on 14nm. This is how the culture works at Intel. ” -SemiAccurate May 29, 2018 “Told ya” – Authors Note, Today. I guess as long as Intel can produce enough 10nm product, they can satisfy the customers that want LPDDR4 support for 9 and 15 W platforms with those SKUs. Don’t Mourn: For several years now SemiAccurate has been saying the the 10nm process as proposed by Intel would never be financially viable. That by itself isn't news as everybody expected that The Core i7-8000 series is also expected to be the flagship of the Coffee Lake lineup. Can anyone here shed some light or help me not feel so disappointed. The upcoming “Coffee Lake-S” chips will be based Intel confirms upcoming 9th-gen 'Ice Lake' CPUs built on 10nm+ life boost over the firm's upcoming Cannon Lake CPUs, which will be the first time Intel drops to 10nm. Atom is mainly used in netbooks, nettops, embedded applications ranging from health care to advanced robotics, and mobile Internet devices (MIDs). The story with Intel’s 10 nm process has been a long and pretty sad one with several delays and reported problems with the process. Intel engineers to hold AMA on Reddit for feedback on the Graphics Command Center software Intel engineers to hold AMA on Reddit for feedback on the Graphics Command Center software (Source: Intel) Taking a step back, it makes sense Intel would have a mainstream platform and an extreme platform. Cannon Lake will not come to the desktop (laptops and other low power chips only) and Icelake will most likely not feature DDR5. intel cannon lake reddit

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